I am never too old to believe in Santa Claus

Thirty Christmas passed,thirty times I have put the tree up,decorated the tree with tenderness and love,lit up my home and placed a Santa Claus.Even today,I believe,we are never too old to believe in Santa Claus.I keep reading and re reading stories on Santa.Since the time I have put up my Christmas tree,this December,every night I talk to Santa Claus,and hopelessly hope that Santa Claus would hear me right this time and fulfill my wishes.Everyday,when I look at the tree,I hope there would be gifts under it,which I will find on 25th of December and open it and find the gift,I secretly hoped for.
If nothing else,atleast I wish,the violence is triumphed by peace,jealousy is conquered by love,discrimination is won over by humanity ; and this world is a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.With this spirit and hope,I would be celebrating christmas this year.May all your wishes be granted.MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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