Leave My Body Alone

Since when has “Have you put on a little?” Or “Oh my God,you have pulled down so much!” become an acceptable form of greeting?Why this uncontrollable desire to exhibit your anatomical observation skills? Why can’t you just greet me and ask how I am? If you are feeling chattier still , tell me I am looking nice,compliment the color of my dress or ask me where I picked up my bag.Need more topics of conversation? Try movies, books, work, politics or the trusted weather.Just leave my body alone.Funnily enough, the affliction gets worse when someone’s lost weight rather than gained some.Once they spy a slimmer you, people will fall over themselves to tell you what you already know.Repeatedly.And in alarmingly inappropriate detail.
Did I post my picture and ask the people on my friends list,”Hey guys,look carefully and tell me if I am looking thinner or fatter or same as my previous DP?” No,I didn’t.Then what prompts you to size me up and pronounce your judgement.
There is only one man in this world who is allowed to talk about my  body everyday.To check it out,to size it up and to make it do his bidding.
That man is my personal trainer.


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