The Art of Losing

They say, When you lose everything, you become fearless. To certain extent, I believed the same. At times, I believed, I lost so much that if I lose more, it won’t be a disaster.I lost something everyday.I started accepting the fluster of losing the hour spent badly,it was farther and faster.I lost lovely ones ; it’s evident the art of losing isn’t too hard to master.
But,it’s human nature,there is a need to belong and that is the fundamental human motivation.No matter, how much I like to believe that I would live healthier in social isolation,yet,the cognitive responses that I show to looming significant changes in the belongingness status,differs my belief.
From the highest highs and the lowest lows,I concluded,we cannot become fearless.Time,however it may be,passes by,if good time passes by,so does bad time;some forgets,some forgives;some gets burnt,some shines but we can never master the art of losing.Forgiveness doesnot mean you forget.We work through our emotional heart pain.That is why when we forgive,we release ourselves of any victim mentality and see with ‘clear eyes’.We desire to see the truth of the heart(s) and actions of those we are dealing with.Forgiving is freeing,healing emotions from resentment or hate that may be holding in bondage.
You don’t have to master the art of losing;use the smarts you are blest with honey and know you are valuable.


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