Men, Men and Men!

What do women want?What kind of man do they want to get married to?What are the criteria’s in the checklist?
~ Man who offers you the window seat
~Man who opens the door for you
~Man who pulls out a chair for you
~ Man who lets you have the last slice of pizza
~Man who looks at you like you are pizza
~Man who doesn’t scoff at you when you pout
~Man who wakes you up everyday with a goodmorning message
~Man who watches your favorite show so that he can talk to you about it
~Man who offers you his jacket on a cold night
~Man who understands you can have a guy bff
~Man who treats your body as yours and not his property
~Man who takes you out for dinner on a match night
~ Man who knows how to cook without making a mess
~Man who can switch from hard rock to love songs to serenade you
~ Man who cracks you up even while you’re fighting
~Man who has no clue about make-up and fashion-everything you do is a #win
~Man who notices your new haircut
~Man who can go grocery shopping without returning with six bags of binliner and no sugar
~ Man who understands the odd timing of your job
~Man who goes shopping with you
~Man who gives you your space
~Man who makes a good cup of coffee
~Man who smells good
~Man who loves sports
~Man who is neat and hygienic
~Man who takes care of you when you are drunk/bored/angry/just feeling blah/moody
~Man who knows how to surprise you
~Man who has a forensic understanding of your wild fantasies
~Man who has the ability to make rough sex in the back seat of his Mercedes
~Man who is masculine but in touch with his feminine side
~Man who is a good communicator
~Man who is gainfully employed
~ Man who is deep and meaningful
~ Man who is trustworthy,infinitely loyal

We,women,are misty-eyed about the idea of soulmates.We want the man of our life to be de rigeur and always be the knight in shining armour.But we tend to forget that it’s easy to put our superheroes on a pedestal and worship him;we forget they are as human as we are.We keep judging men instead of loving them,we create expectations instead of nurturing them,we allure doubts to creep in our minds rather than nourishing the relation/the person who spiritually completes us.
I am not asking you to live a rose-tinted life;but thinking of all men are same is like calling white the new black.Love men,love your man,don’t force him to kill his wildness and sweetness in order to remain faithful to you.He is not your electronic appliance which comes with a manual.If you are inexplicably drawn to him,just love him.


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