I See A Sexy Glow

What are the three sure-fire fixes for stress ??- retail therapy ,desserts and romp under the sun.

Retail therapy,is good for the moment but we all suffer from girlie malaise, ‘I’ve nothing to wear’,everytime we need to choose,what to wear.
Desserts,after the third one you start feeling queasy and if you are a calorie counter then its not a safe option.
Sex, a good tumble in the bed,kitchen counter or couch is the best medicine of all ills.The problem is you require a partner and more often than not ,it’s the partner that is the cause of the stress.

All sensible people have been recommending this , and I have discovered the fullproof stress-buster.The discipline to go for a run or hit the gym.We put all the anger in our workout.After pushing our body to its limits,when I take a long shower,you have no idea how light I feel.I am musically challenged,but during the workout,music presses some silent expletives in my lungs.The upside?The therapy doesnot comeback and bite me in the behind with a bill,calories or more stress.


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