Thankful I Am!

We all love good food,good music,good books,good clothes and good home.Dont we all enjoy a bit of indulgence and binge?But to see beauty in all we own is a blessing.
Not very long ago,I used to crave for more,more of materialistic things.The latest Iphone,the bestseller on the racks,the fashionable shoes,the newly launched perfume,the chicest clothes and the fanciest food.With time and series of experiences,with reading and connecting with people,I realised,no matter how many times our cards are swiped,our cravings never end.We never find happiness if we try to find it in substance;asking for more and worrying about receiving it only leaves us restless.I wouldnot proclaim that now I have control over my yearnings but they have lesser power over me.
My eye finds beauty in everything around me.I feel blissful amidst my chaotic life;I believe its because I have realised how grateful I am for the life that I live.


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