Love Your Parents

The hardest part of growing up is realising your parents are growing old.At times,we are so busy growing up,we often forget they are also growing old.
We expect them to love us,shower us with gifts,tolerate our tantrums,comply with our wishes and be patient with us,no matter what challenges we throw at them.I am no exception.I have been demanding to my parents and been as nasty as I could.Still,after every crisis in my life,they have let me know in their own ways that they love me unconditionally.It has done wonders in mending my ways.Not that,now I don’t snap back at them now or never behave horrendously.I have felt they deserve to be appreciated and our attention is all that they want.Even if they know we love them,everybody loves a reminder.If we can tell our boyfriend/girlfriend or spouses how much we love them,why can’t we tell our parents! They won’t be around forever,so why miss a chance to tell them?
No matter how rough time our parent(s) is/are having, they always try to design a good life for us.In our childhood,we used to ask them questions nth number of time,without complaining and lovingly they would answer us.I have noticed myself snapping back at my parents,if they ask me something thrice.We should not forget,they are growing old and trying to cope up with new things coming up their way.If we can’t be patient enough with them,how can we expect our kids to be uncomplaining and composed with us.
Its a subtle reminder to myself aswell,our parents life revolves around us,so love them!


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