I am a Peaceful Being

There is always something new under the sun .To stop believing that – to mean it when we say we’ve seen everything – would be to give up on art and surrender to cynicism . I go through my lowest days , we all do . Your battle is different from mine , mine is different from yours . We go through different pains and phases ; but its a wound and to each one of us our own wound hurts us the most . But just because the wound cause us pain , does not mean we stop living . We need to take a moment to look at ourself . We need to stop concentrating on others and focus on who I am .  We look for deep contentment  , peace and happiness . We try everything from buying property , going to far flung places , yet seem to be far away . Today I explore a new belief system . I am a pure , peaceful being . What I was looking for is who I am . I was looking for peace but the truth is peace is my property . Now as I move through the day , scene after scene , situations ,people ,past ,stimulus , I only take care of myself . I am a peaceful being , doing things and interacting with people , vibrating energies, giving what I have ; as I give it ,I am the first to experience it.I am a peaceful being.


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