The Invisible Scissor

The past few days,my past was trying its best to stranglehold me.No weapon of my choice was working for my emotional healing.Petty things were agitating me.The energy cords that connected me to my not so distant past was turning my life upside down.When the energetic cord is too strong due to the nature of the relationship, peacefully releasing the cord just won’t do – force is required – you need to cut it.So,I sat down,imagined myself connected with the cord to my past.The invisible scissor was in my hand.Forcefully I cut the cord.It was not easy.After I applied karate chops with scissor,I managed to cut the cord with my past and fell down.But I rose up,feeling better and lighter.fb0e5ac1-330e-41f4-974b-88973cfb0043


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