Who said : A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach??


Perhaps,you could have asked Vera Renczi,the Roman serial killer who murdered 35 men by cooking for them with arsenic.She got to their heart alright,she made it stop,beating.

Facts and fun aside,my hypothesis is great cooks also make great lovers,irrespective of the gender.Food and love are two indulgences,that use all five senses.Cooking well shows that you have the ability of creation and intuition to please every sense – and that translates to the most profound emotions.Think about the sizzling in a pan,the scent of spices wafting into the air,the textures changing before our eyes.Cooking is like loving,if you are doing it with utmost devotion.

Well,people fall in love even before the spouse has tossed something in the pan,and the cuisine comes as a bonus.

This might be a myth and staunch believers say that they do not need to riddle a man’s stomach to make a way to his heart;but I must tell you,We,women love scrumptious ,eye-candily dished food.Edible journeys and plated memories are something we long for,and if the companion is a chef,it’s a brownie.


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