This is an aesthetic fort and palace at Amer,near Jaipur – The Amber Fort & Palace with its own beauty unfolding its history.While hearing the tales at the UNESCO World Heritage site,not only I was amazed by the magnificence and splendor of the saga,but I started relating it to our daily chronicles.

We read fairy tales,without realizing,at the center of every fairy tale,lay a truth that gave the story its power.

When we read them,the stars shone a little brighter.The moon,a little closer and our smiles a little wider.But back then we were young.All the dreams we dreamt then turned out to be nothing but wasted wishes on falling stars.so what if we didn’t become what we set out to be,we are warriors and warriors forever shall be.Few chances we’ve missed but a lot more shall come around.And we will fight it till the end,even if we lost a few battles.The war,inspite of all,we will win – I promise.

So raise a glass today,in honor of a life well lived.Tomorrow,when the sun rises,welcome it with heart and hope.



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