In Pursuit of Happiness

Every now and then,when I try to enjoy the happiness that’s meant for me,I get afraid.I fear losing my happiness to sadness.This devil possesses me and I attract all the negative energies in my life.I give myself the permission to fail,to have baddays at a strech,to get mad,to feel ugly,to lose interest in anything and everything.I am so obsessed with this spirit of fear that I lose out the little joys here and there.This demon called fear,is a byproduct of uncertainity mixed together with the need to guarantee positive outcome.

We live.We live in a world in which sometimes it seems as if our prayers,sorrows or dreams go unanswered,causing us to question;to question our faith,to question our karma,to question justice of the Almighty.We live in a world in which when our father,brothers or friends turn their back on us causing us to wonder in our emotional hearts whether love,true love really exist.We live in a world in which it seems as if our decisions,choices or mistakes blind us from seeing the vision causing us to doubt in our physical minds.We live in a world in which sometimes we just don’t understand.

Reflecting upon past experiences in such moments,I feel challenges are being thrown at me.It’s easier to advise friends and kinsmen during their struggle,”God gives the toughest battles to His strongest and favorite children”.When this spirit of fear posseses me,I behave like a mental midget.My mind fears,every cloud will bring a storm.

Recently,I have started reading and talking to my mother and other mentors.I am trying to remain unflappable in the face of a challenge.The journey still seems scary.Yet am trying to appreciate the good that comes my way by putting HOPE into the whole situation.Hope in a living faith,hope in sweet love,hope in good people,hope in a better tomorrow.It gives me the courage to fight,strength to believe and reason to never ever give up.

Courtesy : #K.L.Register


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