The False Promise

We grow up with the quote “promises are made to be broken”.I never thought this would run down our veins.Giving false promise of marriage is cheating.We have laws that help us fight against such offences but legal eagles always don’t allow you to do so.Physical violence,dowry harassment,we all want justice against such cases for women.What about emotional violence??Our mind is very much a part of our body.We need to take care of it as much as our other organs.In most developing countries,people who seeks counselling,are still termed as ‘mad’.If I am mentally ill and need a doctor like my body does,I fail to understand the apprehension about it. The harm caused to the mind is equally or more damaging than the wound on your body.Is there any punishment for emotional damage??And if there is why is our society so cynical about mental health and emotional vulnerability.
I would request you to repost this if you believe there should be justice for emotional violence as well.

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